Multi Tooth Implants

Before All-on-6-Dental-ImplantsAfter All-on-6-Dental-Implants


Our qualified and trusted team are proud to offer our patients the ideal, reliable treatment to replace multiple missing teeth. We understand the impact missing teeth can have on your self-confidence and enjoyment of food. As a modern alternative to loose dentures, dental implants are the closest restoration available to your natural teeth. Dr Greg Sclavos can provide a customised treatment plan for multiple missing teeth and help you design your smile, restore your mouth and enhance your life and health.

Case 1

4 Front Teeth Replaced

Patient presented with 4 front teeth missing.
2 implants were placed to hold a 4 unit bridge.

Case 2

Patient presented with multiple teeth missing.

Mouth Reconstruction with Implants and Crowns Final Result

Case 3

Lower teeth restored to improve masticatory function.
2 implants were added on both sides to hold 3 more teeth.

Patient with full biting compacity.

Case 4

Patient with knife edge ridge. Only 2.2mm wide bone available.
Two 3.5mm narrow implants were inserted to hold 3 missing teeth.
2 implants holding 3 teeth.

Final result natural looking smile.

Case 5

Due to bone resorption minimal bone was available.
We placed 3 implants with 12 crowns placed on these implants.
3 implants with 12 crowns were placed on these implants.
Now able to smile with confidence
Now able to smile with confidence

Case 6

Deterioration of upper and lower arches with missing teeth.
Final Result of Crown and Implant work.
Restored full confidence and self esteem to patient.