Clear Aligners

We Create Smiles offers a broad range of general and major dental services. Dr Greg Sclavos strives to not only provide quality dentistry to his patients, but also at affordable prices.

Dr Greg now offers Clear Aligners.

Clear aligners are custom made for straightening teeth. They are almost invisible, comfortable, removable in seconds and very affordable.
Our aligners are Australian made, stain resistant and durable.
Clear aligners can help with crowding, spacing, open bite, deep bite and midline issues.
You can achieve your desired results in as little as 4 – 12 months.
Patients also report that wearing Clear Aligners help with weight loss as they are less tempted to snack between meals.
The Clear Aligners can also act as a resolution to nail biting as you cannot bite your nails when the aligners are in your mouth.
Food does not get caught in your aligners like traditional braces.

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