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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants differ from other replacements in that they are anchored in and supported by the jawbone. While there are important differences, they function more like your natural teeth. They may be used as a single tooth replacement or for multiple tooth replacement as anchors for fixed bridges, for removable partial and full dentures.

The implants are placed surgically. Usually under local anaesthetic, the gum tissue is reflected, precise drilling of holes in the jawbone is performed to accomodate the implants (cylindrical metal posts) which are immediately placed in them. The surgical site is then closed.The second surgical procedure occurs three to six months later. The implants are then evaluated for healing and successful integration with the bone. Some revisions may have to be made at this time. If the implant failed to integrate, it will have to be removed and alternative treatments considered, such as a change of the site of implant. If the implant has successfully integrated, a post is placed into the implant, extending through the gum tissue into the mouth.In the final prosthetic phase, a metal sleeve is threaded into the implant to anchor the crown, bridge or denture. The prosthetic (replacement crown, bridge or denture) fee is separate from the surgical fee.


Single Implant


With abutment and crown start to finish.

Refer to Case 1,2,3,6 on our ‘Single Implant Service’ for examples of this particular treatment

Loose Denture


2 implants, 2 abutments & 2 female attachments to be inserted into denture (cost does not include denture)

Refer to Case 2 on our ‘Loose Dentures Service’  for an example of this particular treatment

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